Holiday Baking

Here is a picture of me and my little stinker getting ready to bake last year’s Christmas cookies. We were all smiles until a major baking flop. My mum’s family have mad baking skills.These women can BAKE circles around Martha Stewart! I have been following a gluten free diet since learning I am gluten intolerant […]

Apple,blueberry, & kale salad

  Kale. A green I love and hate. The first time I attempted to make a kale salad I ended up sauteing the end product because the salad was to tough to eat. I have since learned that “massaging” kale creates a palatable end product that is delicious. This by far is my favorite kale […]

Lean Gourmet Kitchen Published in Clean Eating Magazine 6/2013!

I had a dream come true in June 2013. I had a recipe featured in Clean Eating Magazine’s “From Your Recipe Box” column. EEAAAKKKK! This is me after I got my copy in the mail and realized I was in it! This has been one of my all time favorite foodie magazines the past three years.  The […]

The Sound of Silence

There has been a lot going on these past two month in my life and I just didn’t have the mental clarity or desire to write or create at all. So I waited. And waited. And waited some more. For a spark of creativity. For words. For ANYTHING. Then NOTHING. It was a few nights […]

Chocolate Almond Butter No Bake Cookie Bars

I didn’t grow up with no bake cookies; no ma’m. When I think of no bakes what comes to mind is Betty Crocker’s no bake lemon bars box mix or Jello No-Bake Cheesecake box mix. I was quick to turn my nose up at anything with “no bake” on the label. Where I come from […]

My Nightcap & Raw Cacao Powder

I am not sure how I came to love raw cacao (pronounced kay-cow.) I do remember watching this YouTube from Kelley of the Spunky Coconut. She talks about all the neat health benefits of raw cacao. I found this nifty chart last week on facebook posted by one of the health/fitness pages I follow. I […]

Sweet Potato Buns

Today’s recipe is a soft sweet potato roll. It honestly doesn’t hold up well with sloppy joes or pulled pork. The buns are very soft and can get mushy, but the taste and texture is heavenly. I served these with pulled pork tender loin. We ate quickly….it was delicious! This is the whoopie cookie pan […]

Banana Bread Cake

 If you have been following me on instagram or twitter the past few days you may have realized my little clan was on a short vacation. We vacationed on the west coast of Florida in the Tampa Bay area.  We stayed in a suite with a kitchenette that enabled me to do some minimal cooking […]

First Ever Pin It Party

I heard about Lindsey’s( The Lean Green Bean) Pin it Party on Twitter Via Organically Mo last night. I knew I had to join in! I love pinterest and I love connecting with other like minded bloggers. So here it is. My top 5 favorite LGK blog posts I would love to see pinned! Keep […]

Zucchini Pesto Noodles

This is a no muss no fuss recipe. Well…as long as you have some pesto prepared on hand. If you don’t have any pesto it is easy and quick to prepare. I have felt so time crunched this year. It is already May. Where has has this year gone? Over the past few weeks Rich […]