My Nightcap & Raw Cacao Powder

I am not sure how I came to love raw cacao (pronounced kay-cow.) I do remember watching this YouTube from Kelley of the Spunky Coconut. She talks about all the neat health benefits of raw cacao.

I found this nifty chart last week on facebook posted by one of the health/fitness pages I follow.


I drink a cup of hot raw cacao every night before bed. It is what Rich refers to as my nightly drink or nightcap. He hates it, but I love it! Raw cacao has a definite bitter dark chocolate taste.

To make this I simply mix 1-2 TBS of raw cacao, some hot water, and a few drops of liquid stevia in a coffee mug. Sometimes I will add some coconut or almond milk for additional creaminess.

This is the brand of raw cacao I buy off of Amazon.

Keep it real & fit,



  1. My ND totally got me on this but I think I need to try adding stevia and almond milk to it. Good suggestion!

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